7 Interesting Things You Don’t About Nigeria (Fun facts about Nigeria)

In as much as Nigeria has been named a bad country by so many groups, organizations and countries in the world. There are still interesting facts that you may not know about  Nigeria and Nigerians. Follow them on this Journey as I highlight them for you.

Hey, don’t get too close, you might cancel your next flight out of the country when you get to know these interesting facts about Nigeria. Nigeria is great indeed.

  1. Apart from having so many rich men hanging around, One fact about Nigeria is that Nigeria can boast of being the home for Africa’s richest man (Aliko Dangote) whose net worth is estimated to be over $12billion. The most interesting thing about this is that Aliko has all his companies scattered all over Nigeria majoring in Agriculture, Banking, cement production and distribution, salt and sugar manufacturing. Read on as I unveil more interesting facts about Nigeria.
  2. What do you know about Nollywood? = The Nigerian film industry “Nollywood” aside from coming second place to india’s “Bollywood”. It is said to be one of the largest film production industry in the world with top actors as Jim Ikye, Zubby Michael, Ngozi Ezeonu, Ramsey Noah, Fredrick Leonard and a hist of others. Forget about you’ve read, or heard about Nollywood before now, try new productions and see for yourself, The fact about Nigeria (Nigerian film industry ) is that they are doing a great and that I must confess.
  3. With over 200 million habitants – Nigeria is said to be the 7th most populous country in the world, this number would have been more than that if not for the high mortality rate which has also affected every other country in the world and of course the emergence of coronavirus which has a claimed quite a number of life since it’s outbreak.
  4. Having English as an official language and more than 520 language across the nation(general known fact about Nigeria).Nigeria is considered the home for all. Though Igbo,Hausa and Yoruba are the three major languages in the country, you can not come to Nigeria and be stranded no matter your country of residence. Language not being a barrier in Nigeria is fact interesting.
  5. Nigeria acknowledges the presence of the creator which made it easy for Christians and Muslims to co-exist in peace in many parts of the country without fight or opposition to the other,there are other Religion created around the country. The core fit the creator can be seen even from the door step into Nigeria especially in the eastern part of the country where Christianity is commonly practiced, churches are scattered in every conner (in every 10 to 20km) 2 or 4 churches wouldn’t be found missing.
  6. The country give room for people to strive and get their voices heard both old and young, this fact about Nigeria is supported appropriately as it’s music industry has fast grown into a near stable state since the last five years with top stars like Falz the bahd guy, Wizkid, Davido, Fireboy, Joeboy,  Patroanking. The ladies are also given audience they surely deserve in this aspect as their sector can also boast of female artists like Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Chidimma. In the Gospel sphere, the list Is however endless as great minds and seriously anointed ministers like Mercy Chinwo, Judikay, Joe Praise, Frank Edwards, and Eben etc are serious prove that Nigeria indeed has something to brag about and something to offer to the world.
  7. Would you talk about emotionally strong country without Nigeria topping the list or even occupying the whole space. Having survived many atrocities, terrorism, bad governance and leadership from all sector, poor infrastructural development, low life expectancy and a whole list of other obstacles, she has smiled and struggled through it all standing tall maintaining its stance in the world map.

In conclusion, Nigeria is nothing near perfect, no country is after, but those are a few things to be proud of. It is often said that if you can survive in Nigeria you’re been duly fortified to live and survive anywhere in the world. So next  time when you are in that argument about this great country Nigeria, I hope you now have points to back up your claims that there are interesting fact to know about Nigeria.

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