How To Move Movie From Computer To Flash Drive

This article is aimed at placing you via on a way to pass the film or films you downloaded in your mac pc or home windows on your usb flash pressure.

Beneath is how you could cross approximately it.

1. Look for the movie you propose downloading on any website acknowledged for downloading films e.g youtube.

2. Make sure that the film you selected is genuinely secure.

3. Click on the download button and allow the movie to be completely downloaded.

4. When the download is whole, plug your flash force into your laptop.

5. Copy the film report via clicking ctrl + x. while this is done, it will not be for your laptop. but if you need it to nonetheless be on your pc, click on ctrl + c.
images 2
6. Click on on the home windows brand this is located at the bottom-left corner of the display.

7. Kind in “this laptop” and it’ll seem at the top of the start menu. when you click on it, a window will open.

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8. While the window opens, you will see a segment named “devices and drives” that is placed towards the middle of the window. while you double-click on at the name of your usb flash power, it’s going to open.

9. When the flash pressure’s window opens, click on or press ctrl+v. when this is accomplished, the film report you intend copying or pasting will appear inside the flash power. it could take a few minutes depending at the file size.

10. As soon because the movie record has been efficiently transferred for your flash drive, click on at the icon with a flash drive form that is placed at the lowest-right corner of the screen. when you see it, click on eject on the menu that would pop-up. after that is executed, you could unplug your flash pressure accurately.

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