A GOOD COMPANION- tips to becoming a good companion.


Tips to becoming a good companion.

We all know the popular saying, “no body was born perfect”. In a relationship you are there to use your rights to better your partners wrongs, that means your strength covers their weakness in one way or other other. It’s important that you have in mind that “your value in any relationship is determined by your diversity.” I other words, your value in any relationship is determined by the difference you can bring to help better your partner.

Today we will be talking about the 5 ways to being a good partner, there are many more out there but we talk of these 5 because we feel the are very very essential in any relationship.

1- BE A GOOD LISTENER- Talking less and listening more is a good virtue that everyone one should posses whether you are in a relationship or not. It also helps unleash the good companion potential in you. It’s as easy as ABC, always give your partner the opportunity to say whatever is in their mind without interruption no matter the condition, it’s a form of showing them respect too.

Alright, let’s be practical a bit, your partner is arguing with you over something and trying to give you 101 reasons why he/she right, all you should do as someone mature is to listen and give them opportunity to talk in as much you want to be heard too, after then you can give your suggestions too.

When you imbibe this listening attitude it helps save your relationship from a lot of things like unnecessary arguments, breakups too.

2- BE A SOLUTION PROVIDER – Indeed, being a solution provider makes your partner value you the more. If you discover a fault in any area of your partners life it’s your duty to correct them and call them to order.

There are various ways to be solution provider to your partner. Here are nice ways to achieve that

– make up your mind to provide solution to whatever problem it is.
– discover the problem.
– the next step is to outline possible strategies to make things work out fine.
– Then don’t forget to discuss it with your partner, discussing it with them is a sign of respect to them too and it opens the door for more ideas
– Then both of you should work together to make sure the problem is solved. Most problems need the efforts of both partners in order to make it get better.


This is a strategy of spicing up your relationship, it’s another undiscovered way of proving to your partner that you are a good companion and a fun person to be with. It’s not a one sided thing it’s both for the males and the females.

Trying new things together is a form of renewing your relationship and that guarantees you a long lasting relationship.

There are several things to try out together
– cooking a new dish together
– traveling to nice places together
– going on a picnic
– go on dates
– go camping
– go on special events together

When it comes to trying out new things together there are lots of things to do together, sit and discuss with your partner and come up with amazing things you both can do to get and watch your relationship get better.


Most people tend avoid this part in relationships but it’s important too. You can surprise your partner with a lot of things

– buy them gifts on special occasions like their birthday
– surprise them by picking up a nice place to go on vacation
– romantic texts are not left out, they can help spice up your relationship today, learn to send your lover a romantic text often and see them value you the more
– you can also surprise them by spending good time with them, pick up a day and spend much time with them

There are lots of things out there you can do to surprise your partner, make it a priority to always your partner and see them value you the more.


Most people don’t know the importance of investing your time in your relationship, it pays off too. Knowing how to invest your time and attention in your partner gives you access to their hearts.

People invest their spend time and give attention to what they value so much, love, cherish and believe it’s important to them. An important way of proving you are a good companion is spending your time with your partner and giving your undivided attention to them.

You can prove your partner is important to you by paying attention to what they love, enjoy doing and what they value most, it helps you understand how to easily please them.

There are several ways of giving your partner attention, let’s talk about some of them

– CALLS – calls go a long way to making your partner happy, it gives them this relief and assurance that you have them in mind, calls go a long way to making your lovers day great. Many people have specific time they call their partners but I say you can call them anytime, Morning, afternoon or night, it’s important to always call your partner whenever you get the chance to.

– TEXTS – texts also help, like I said before romantic texts are good, either morning afternoon or night, they make them feel relaxed, it’s the best means to make your partner know you are always thinking of them. Texts are so nice because they don’t take your time as calls do, you can use a minute or two to express how you feel with words.

Being a good companion in a relationship is everybody’s dream but a few know the rules to achieving that, I hope this article has inspired you and I believe you will give these 5 tips a try today

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