A Road to Recovery: Mental Health.

Mental health is a sine qua non to the existence of every individual. Mental health is a pivotal link to the well being of man. It is to this concern that the proposition,”Health is wealth” forms it’s basis. Mental health is beyond questions of “are you mad?, are you alright?” . It is of importance a factor that necessitates the total well being of individuals emotionally, psychological and infact socially. Poor mental health issues can be tricky. It raises ones “ego”, it makes one feel right and others worthless, it brings a slow detach from people and in severe cases it leads one to thoughts on suicide. This is the angle mental health focuses. The most trickish part of mental health is that affects actions, feelings and choices, this is because it is asymptomatic. It’s of this necessity that mental health seeks to understand the well being of an individual at childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Researches have shown that over a quarter of the world’s population today are battling from one mental health related issue or another. This issues differ at various levels and the society mostly contribute a quota or whole to this. Mental health studies should be beyond why people behave the way they are, it should also seek fathomable solutions to solving this issues.

Humans generally tend to shy away from issues relating to mental health but little do they know that mental health issues is a pathogen, it’s causative -the society and if all hand aren’t on deck, the effect would be dire. Mental health is so that it affects both the lower run and the upper class of the society ladder. That is, mental health plays a pivotal part in the development of a society. Realisation of such can bring alternatives in managing mental health issues.

Many are tied with activities that encroaches in their life and conflicts with them. One of such is obsession, which are part of the signs of a declining mental health state. Being obsessed with something most especially invaluable is wasteful. Mental health related issues can come in form of unconscious obsession to an individual,handset,social media and the internet of which value would be lost at the long run. One would walk in circles and yet return to the same point, depression. To be free from obsession is to be intentional or calculative as to what conflicts the mind and to be decisive about change. It wouldn’t be easy but it’s worth fighting for.

A close observation at poor mental, one would see that most of them are caused by the society. Issues like:

Childhood abuse and trauma, or neglect,social isolation and loneliness, discrimination and stigma,loss of loved one/relative, poor health condition, bullying and physical abuse, sexual abuses,head injuries, neurological symbols etche can affect the mood and disposition of an individual.

Thus, there’s a need to ask such questions like;

✓What is the state of the mind?

✓Why do this person behave so?

✓What is the blend of character traits in an individual?

✓What is the context that must have necessitated the change of mood of this person?

✓What actions must have necessitated a downward slope in this individual mental health?

Next is the road to recovery. The most common things to do in avoiding mental health related issues includes getting professional aids, staying positive, getting physically active and fit, daily inspiration reading and at the severe stage ensuring that one uses the drugs prescribed by the psychologist regularly.

Another basic step to be free from the shackles of mental health related issues is to be productive and intentional. Doing things that would take ones times, doing things worthwhile that can push away gloomy dispositions is a good therapy. Instead of thinking about a loved one whose death you can’t seem to recover or a job you unfortunately lost, or a victim of rejectance, don’t give up, be intentional about your well being, do things that would be enjoyable and productive. With time, one would heal.

More productively, an effective way of dealing with mental health crises is indulging in daily exercise. As researchers have found that it can develop worn out tissues and repair damaged cells.

In conclusion, Our mental health status is a reflection of who we are and not even our physical health. Therefore, it is necessary to safe guard it. More importantly, how we treat patients and survivors with mental health crises. Humanity should be attached, victimization should be outlawed. Energy should be channeled on public enlightenment and more importantly, activities that can improve mental health like speaking out, exercises, etc should be engaged . Our health matters are important, let’s not overlook it.

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