Facebook has grown by leap and bounds in the last 15 years, As Facebook celebrates it’s 17th anniversary let’s discuss key events that define Facebooks ground breaking evolution that started in 2004.

       Its important you know that Mark Zuckerberg took the first steps to his path at an early age. His father Edward taught him Atari BASIC computer programming. It didn’t take long for his skills to become apparent.

     Mark launched “Thefacebook” on Feb. 4, 2004 with his 4 fellow Harvard University classmates. The social media had an aim to connect Harvard students digitally. But Harvard admistration shut down the website after a few days and charged Mark with breach of security, violation of copyright and violating individual privacy. The charges were later dropped.

    At 17 Facebook continues to remain a social defining milestone despite all the allegations and controversies surrounding data privacy.


    Some say Facebook is and will never stop being the “god” of social media because it has been user friendly for everyone and has created a platform for a lot of things.

     Let’s look at some of Facebooks features and function that might have made them unique from the beginning.

i- Social Ads:

            Facebook launched social ads in November 2007. Facebooks social ads allowed marketers to serve targeted ads to their potential sellers. This was really a platform for business owners to reach more people and make sales too.

    Mark stated during the key note of the FACEBOOK SOCIAL ADVERTISING EVENT that “Facebook ads represent a completely new way of advertisement online. For the past hundred years media has been pushed out of people but now markets are going to be part of the conversation and they are going to do this by using social graph the same way our users do”

    In order to facilitate SOCIAL ADS Facebook launched FACEBOOK PAGES; a platform for organizations, celebreties and other entities to connect to their audience.

ii- Facebook Messenger

      Facebook at 2011 acquired a mobile messaging app called BELUGA, with the product the company acquired it’s talent too. Later that year Facebook launched it’s messaging app called FACEBOOK MESSENGER for Android and iPhone users using Beluga as it’s base. The app allowed users to send messages, group chat, share photos and locations to one another.

           It would interest you to know that Facebook has never regretted the creation of Facebook messenger because it continues to be one of the leading messaging apps used in digital marketing and advertising today.

iii- Facebook Business Manager/ Market place

      In April 2014, Facebook officially launched it’s BUSINESS MANAGER; a tool that marketers and agencies could use to manage multiple pages and paid ad campaigns through a single interface.

   Later on at October 2016 Facebook launched it’s MARKET PLACE when they discovered users started using groups to buy and sell furniture, cars, clothes etc.

    Mark Zuckerberg has not stopped acquiring visionary products over the years to strengthen Facebook as a platform. Here are the top three of Facebooks acquisitions.

– Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in April 2012.

– In February 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $16 billion.

– The following month, Facebook acquired Oculus  VR, Inc., a virtual reality company for $2 billion.

  Indeed Mark Zuckerberg has never stopped combining technology with uniqueness, and we can tell that it has been his secret to standing out from the crowd.



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