“Give away time, what can 100k do for you right now; what project do you want to find? Just sapio fund it. It’s simple, go to www.sapiofunds.com state what you are trying to fund. Whatever it is, people that can help you raise the money will come thru for you. But for today I’m going to go thru the projects and pick 10 people to sapio fund their 100k project” says Michael Collins; music Mogul popularly known as Don jazzy, a multi award winning music producer and founder of making records.


      According to a Gem survey, Nigeria accounts for the highest number of entrepreneurs in the world, however, among the entrepreneurial group in Nigeria, 50 percent of them fail their first year due to lack of funding.

       Donjazzy through profound generousity took to launch this crowd funding platform to aid Nigerians in securing funds for projects.

     Donjazzy who is known on social media for his generousity and willingness to aid Nigerians to pursue creative projects by providing funding has taken yet another extra step on his benevolent acts by creating a platform where more people can join him help Nigerians who have nice projects to achieve but with little or no cash get enough funds now to start up that thing they want to.


        Just like the popular GO FUND ME platform, sapio funds can be accessed anywhere and anytime on a smart phone.

       Links to the campaign are and can be shared to a social media in order to reach potential donors. Accumulated fund can be withdrawn even without reaching the target, that’s if the account holder be in serious need of it.

    Funds can be generated for and by loved ones for various reasons and projects such as tuition, health reasons e.t.c.

     The platform is also available for donors who wish to help others reach their goals on the website. In order to setup a campaign for donations on the website new users must register on the platform and create a fund raising campaign.

   In appreciation of the benevolent gesture of don jazzy again, Nigerians have taken to social media to applaud the mavins record founder for his continuous support to Nigerian youths. We believe that with sapio funds Nigerians will be able to have access to the funding they need to cater for basic needs as well as push creative projects.

    According to sapio funds “our mission is simple, to help Africans thrive by providing free and easy access to funds, basic capital and resources needed. No 100 page grant applications, no donors demanding you modify your message, no last minute edits from investors. It’s just you doing you, adding value and getting support.”


  The platform works just like the popular go fund me crowding platform. Anyone in any country can easily and quickly create projects to raise funds around the world for their beloved ones, for themselves, for charity or for their community.

    Users can also help someone reach their fund target by donating on the website. https://funds.sapioclub.com/

   To use sapio fund you have to:

  – Register on the platform

  – Create your fund raiser campaign

  • you can share your campaign through direct messages or social media

  • Request your collected funds even if your campaign hasn’t ended yet.

  – Receive your collected funds when your campaign ends.

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