Artificial intelligence is the mimic of human intelligence in machines or robots so that they can behave like humans and also creates human actions. It can also be defined as the ability of a machine to behave like an intelligent human. Artificial intelligence is based on the principle that human intelligence can also be in-built into machines. The motive of artificial intelligence is to make machines to be able to perform some intellectual chores such as problem-solving, understanding human communication, perception, and decision making e.t.c.

There are four basic types of artificial intelligence which are reactive machines, limited memory, self-awareness, and theory of mind.

  • Reactive Machines: This level of artificial intelligence is the simplest and performs the basics operations. It uses a neural network to process the input and respond accordingly. The output of reactive machines is predictable and it has no memory and is created for a specific purpose. They are the ones we witnessed when we see a robot or machine playing games like chess, ludo game, puzzle e.t.c. against human beings. Also, reactive machines only work in the current situation and can not remember or recall data to solve a present problem. Furthermore, reactive machines don’t work with the map, it only focuses on the environment. Reactive machines are programmed to do certain obligations and do not go beyond the obligations. But because they are not programmed to do beyond their duties, they only perform those functions whenever they encounter a situation that warrants it. An example of this type of artificial intelligence is deep blue.
  • Limited Memory: Artificial intelligence that is based on limited memory works within its duties and also conserves its environment over time. This type of artificial intelligence has memory, therefore they are capable of using experience to solve the present problem. It can be found in an autonomous car. This autonomous car study how other cars movie and do the same and after a while when there is a change in how other cars move, then, it adjust also.
  • Theory Of Mind: This type of artificial intelligence is based on advanced intelligence whereby it studies its environment and those in its environment. Applications of the theory of mind also understand human feelings and emotions. This type of artificial intelligence requires a comprehensive understanding of the human environment and things that can alter their behavior. Researchers believe that if the theory of mind artificial intelligence continues to progress, then it will go a long way in interacting with humans and also providing them with comfort.
  • Self-Aware: This is the most developed and advances artificial intelligence whereby it notes its environment and all living things in it whether it is human or not. Applications of this type of artificial intelligence will be able to understand its current situation. Though scientists haven’t discovered this type of artificial intelligence physically if it is later discovered, then the application will be able to produce its internal feelings, do whatever it thinks is right and even do things dependently without the help of humans. 



  1. Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare: Most health care centers and hospitals are now using machines for diagnosis of the human body which reduces cost and time. Also, machines that are based on artificial intelligence which can answer the question been asked are been implemented in big hospitals. Applications of artificial intelligence also help to predict and fight against pandemics.
  2. Artificial Intelligence In Business: The application of artificial intelligence has helped many businesses to provide immediate service to customers and also an automatic response to the customers without delay.
  3. Artificial Intelligence In Education: Artificial intelligence has provided a means of computing and grading students’ scores without marking. After a student finished the exam, with the help of artificial intelligence, he or she will be able to see his or her result within a short period. It also provides a means of assessing students and help g them with their needs at their comfortability.
  4. Artificial Intelligence In Finance: Applications of artificial intelligence provide financial advice and also help people to the bug from their homes without moving from one place to another. Nowadays, artificial intelligence software provides most of the trading
  5. Artificial Intelligence In Law: Going through pages of books to get information in solving a case can be stressful for humans. Artificial intelligence software helps law firms to provide the outcome of a case and how to go about the case.
  6. Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing: Construction and manufacturing of goods require lots of energy but with the help of artificial intelligence software, machines that can carry heavy loads have been created and can be used to do whatever work you want to do.
  7. Artificial Intelligence In transportation: Autonomous cars and vehicles have been created with the knowledge of artificial intelligence for easy transportation of goods and services including human beings.
  8. Artificial Intelligence In Banking: Banking activities are done easily with the help of artificial intelligence. Computing, processing, and grouping customer data and transactions won’t have been easy if there is no artificial intelligence.


  • It is error-free
  • It helps to analyze data deeply
  • It makes life easier
  • It increases efficiency
  • It is available every time i.e. 24/7.
  • It makes decisions faster
  • It provides new invention
  • It take the risks on behalf of humans
  • It provides digital assistance
  • It helps to manage time


  • It requires a high cost of implementation.
  • It lacks creativity
  • Companies might not want to offer jobs since they are using machine
  • It doesn’t improve with experience

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