National Identity Number (NIN) is the 11 digit number that uniquely identifies you either as a citizen of Nigeria or as a foreigner legally resident in Nigeria.

      The purpose of the NIN is using it to match the individual with his/her biometrics (finger print and facial) data and other details on the national identity database. It is the most authentic way by which a citizens identity can be verified and authentic.

    Individuals who don’t have a NIN are to proceed to the nearest accredited NIN enrollment centers to enroll/register for NIN. NIMC had assured all citizens that it will generate the NIN within one to five working days after data capture is completed and all details certified.

    Currently the federal government has approved the extension of the deadline for NIN sim data verification to the 26th of July, 2021.

    A statement jointly signed by the NCC, Director, public affairs, Dr Ikechuwukwu Adinde and NIMC head, cooperate communications, Mr kayode Adegoke, said the decision to extend the deadline was made after a request by stake holders on the need to consolidate the enrollment and NIN-SIM verification process following the rapid increase in the number of enrollment systems across the country.

       The federal government approved the extension as part of it’s effort to make it easier for citizens and residents to obtain the NIN, and stressed the need for citizens to take advantage of the extension. With over 57.3 million unique NIN enrollments, with average of 3 to 4 sims per NIN, federal government urges citizens to make sure they get registered before deadline.


     You can confirm your NIN in two easy steps:

  – Check the slip issued to you by NIMC when you enrolled. Your NIN is the 11 digit number on the top left hand corner of the slip. Or

  – Dial *346# on your phone and press 1 to retrieve your NIN. Please note that you can only retrieve your NIN on the same phone number you registered with NIMC.


  – Confirm your NIN (either by checking your NIN enrollment slip issued by NIMC or by dialing *346# as explained above)

  – After that submit your NIN to your network provider via online, USSD or other channels provided

  – Then wait while your mobile Network provider validate the submitted NIN on NIMC database and link the Sim to NIN if validation is successful.

       It’s important you know that *346# works on all networks, if you have registered for a NIN and keep getting an error message dial your service providers help line or you can use *946# and follow the steps to link your NIN. You can also use *996*NIN# to submit NIN for linkage with SIM.

   Have you done all these and still can’t link it? Visit your network provider closest to you now.

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