Just like cars need maintenance relationships do too and that helps it last longer. Relationship maintenance ranges from daily vigilance while others require weekly or monthly attention, but do have in mind that a relationship that is given little or no attention is not worthy to be called or counted as a relationship

When you start thinking about how to have a healthy relationship, don’t immediately zero in on what the other person should be like or what they
should do for you. Instead, focus on the relationship itself and what the interplay between the two of you looks like.

Which special characteristics does this relationship have? What brings you and your partner together? Close your eyes and imagine how happy you and your partner make each other. Envision feeling completely fulfilled and loved by another person. How does that feel? More importantly, why does it feel that way?

Ask yourself what it is that makes this potential relationship so extraordinary. Can you put it into words? You might not immediately be able to say what makes it feel so special. But it probably has many – if not all – of the characteristics of healthy relationships.

Like I said before, long lasting relationships needs daily maintenance, daily practice of these skills is a must. Developing the habits and patterns to create and maintain an extraordinary relationship requires conscious application and repetition of good behavior and communication. Once these habits have been established between you and your partner, the beautiful, passionate and healthy and long lasting relationship you deserve will follow and endure.

Let’s now discuss the 5 attributes that would help you maintain and have a long lasting relationship.

1- RESPECT- Respect is like a magnet that will instantly draw towards you what you respect. It gives you the access to being more intimate to your partner. Many relationships today have ended because of lack of respect from either or even both of the partners.

It’s important to know that both men and women should be respected in relationships, remember “respect is reciprocal” it’s not a one way thing, it helps the relationship get better.


A good attitude goes s long way to ensuring your relationship lasts. No one wants to be with someone who has a bad attitude and that’s enough reason why you should learn to exhibit good characters and attitudes.

One thing is sure, most of us don’t really have this nice character but discipline can help us imbibe such characters, tell yourself that you won’t repeat such again and work towards it. Change doesn’t come fast but with time you will see.your life change for the better.

When talking about attitudes encouraging one’s self is still part of the game, always put a smile on your face and learn how to speak politely and nicely to your partner.


One of the most important thing that helps you build important relationships is valuing your partner so much. You must know the worth of your partner, always value your partner and esteem them more than others because they are to you why no other can be.

If you really value your partner you should, know their boundaries and try not to cross them, if you value your partner you won’t cheat them, you would Cherish and love them so so much. Let’s talk about some practical ways to value your partner.

– prioritize them
– respect them
– always appreciate your partner
– always show them public acknowledgement
– spend and invest your time in them
– surprise them with gifts
– be open to them
– be patient with them too

Showing your spouse you appreciate and value them can be challenging; every person likes to receive affection and appreciation differently, but with these value tips listed it will be a lot easier for you to place value on your partner.


Communication in a relationship is one of the factors that guarantee it will last long, come to think of it, constant communication creates this bond in the both of you.

Whether you are in a distance relationship or a close one, you both are living together or you visit each other once in a while, you both still needs that strong connection with the help of communication in order to keep the relationship going.

Technology is to be appreciated because it has drastically helped many relationships last long especially distant relationships, so you have no more excuse on why your relationship failed. Cell phones now facilitate communications as you can send messages, emails to your loved ones, call them, or even chat them via social media.

Social media is now on the lead as it now connects to your loved one automatically and has also a wide range of options accommodating both text, voice chats, voice calls and even video calls to help you build that long term relationship. Now in the comfort of your house you can now video call your lover too and spend time with them even though you ain’t close by.

Let me say that tip is for those in distant relationships, let’s say you both are living together or even close by, you see each other everyday and tend to talk more when you both meet physically, it’s important to also know that you both can build a strong connection via cell phones with calls, texts, or even social media and you both can also build this physical connection too. You both can always discuss, discuss any damn thing in the world, spice it up by strolling together while you both hold hands and discuss, pick a nice restaurant or you can go to a nice quiet place to enjoy the cool evening together, don’t forget that your house isn’t left out, you both can decide to still say at home and have this nice lovely discussion, laugh and tease yourselves.

Like I will always say, healthy relationships can be achieved, it all depends on the way you tackle and handle your relationship. People tend to fail when it comes to relationships because they lack rules and tips. I hope you have learnt a lot from reading this article, what are you waiting for, start trying out these listed tips and I am sure your relationship will turn out to be the best

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