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There is one unique thing that makes the personality of every individual, it is raw and purgent and like a flower bud it always wants to burst open at any opportunity, it is talent.

That thing that catches your interest, time and zeal is obviously your talent. Every one have equal value but not equal giftedness. The only thing that separates you from a Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg etc is the ability to harness the talent in you.

It takes one the ability to realise or discover ones talent before any concrete solution to solving a problem can surface.

Many people shy away from the word talent, but they never know that the little quota they’re contributing to the development of a family and the society at large can as well be equated to as  talent.

For instance, one may say I don’t have a talent to sing but unknown to such an individual the ability to set gadgets for singing is also a talent. They only work in pari pasu with one another. If one doesn’t know what his talent is when the time to showcase it to the world comes there will be nothing to show forth. At times when you read meaning into what people say you tend to say what is the hope of survival, but then it is only your talent that can spot you out when an opportunity comes.

There are different classes of people with a variety of talents;

✓Some have hidden talent. This one they don’t even want to show that they can do something. Sometimes they even do something and don’t believe that they do it.

✓Some have spurring talent. These only require pressure, situations, and people to motivate them before they can showcase their talent. These only display their talent of speaking during debates, quizzes, etc before they can get up to do something.

✓Some are anything and it works for them. Why? It’s just the way they are. They are geniuses. If they want to sing today they just need the beats and on the flow without mistakes. This one is just born to be great if they truly know who they are. They can take a ball today and become better than someone who has been training for the past two years.

✓Some know they can do a particular thing but they just can’t do it without a push or a big mistake. They know they can do something but they just need someone or something to shape up their gift.

✓Some are yet to discover their talent. These don’t even know what their talent agent they the something but still don’t believe they do it. These one believe that everything just depends on hard work and it’s not the fact. Hard work of truth pays but there’s a limit to the which it can pay.

Most importantly, the choices we make add in a way or another to the maximization of one’s talent. These, according to John Maxwell are the key choices that one can make in maximizing one’s talent;
✓Belief lifts your talent.
✓Passion energizes your talent.
✓Initiative activates your talent.
✓Focus directs your talent.
✓Preparation positions your talent.
✓Practice sharpens your talent.
✓Perseverance sharpens your talent
✓Courage tests your talent.
✓Character protects your talent.
✓Relationship influences your talent.
✓Teamwork multiplies your talent.

In the society of today, it is of utmost importance to find out what your talents are and how you can use them. More so, when your talent is found it is necessary to cultivate it as talent is just like a plant, it can die off if there is no enough passion, commitment, and concentration. Your main sauce is to discover your talent if you haven’t and for those who have discovered there should be a future to that talent, let your talent grow, nourish and bring fruits. I will let you ponder on this story while thinking of what best your talent is. A particular man loves going to the sea to observe the sea tides every day. And of course, you will say what a dumb thing to do! But a day came when he came to his usual spot and saw a group of men. He greeted them warmly and asked what they sought. They explained to him that they were from a Zest company Ltd and would want to sail the coast but they’re prevented because they don’t know the tides. This good seaman observed and told them not to go sail because it would be disastrous. In the end, some refused as they needed to see their families and others listened. Those that insisted, he rather shows them a wrong way back to the coast than allow them die and their stories become told. When they had left he told the others what he did and gave them the interval they would be back to the coast. Exactly that same hour those that wanted to leave returned and thanked the good seaman for bringing them back and not making them a meal to the shark. They asked him how he knew his reply was “he observed the tides every day”.

And he became a sailor at the end. His talent was in a little thing that looked stupid but in the end, it found him out. You also have the talent to become great. Yes! It will look stupid or insignificant, maybe it’s just making a meal, picking up a ball, making a straw house, picking things that could be useful, but the ability to understand and make the best out of anything makes one a field marshal in such area.

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